The Digi-Batcher can automatically deliver operator selected quantities of up to 99 mix designs directly into a truck and/or automatically configure the plant to deliver any quantity of any mix design to any of up to 3 silos.

  • Can print formula raw materials information on a delivery ticket for each batch produced into truck or silo
  • Silos can be easily selected to be filled in any order, with the appropriate mix design and quantity and be temporarily paused at any time to load trucks directly, with any other mix design required, without losing track of silo operations
  • Quick and easy loading operations are provided with an automatic advanced "QUEUE" (waiting list of completely filled out tickets) of up to 10 tickets(trucks) which can also be filled in or modified, anytime in advance, even while a silo or another truck is being filled
  • Handles up to 500 customer, 500 trucks, 500 job orders, 99 mix designs, 99 raw materials, and the last 50,000 tickets. It also has the ability to recall to screen and reprint any of those tickets at any time
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