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Asphalt plants often have dozens or even hundreds of switch wires. An HMI can help reduce the number of wires to just a few paired with a communication cable. This can mean reduced downtime during maintenance.

  • ADM offers Human Machine Interface (HMI) Controls to help simplify plant control houses. This involves replacing manual switches with a programmable logic controller (PLC)-based HMI control system, such as a monitor and mouse or touchscreen
  • Troubleshooting problems within the control house often requires checking switches and following wires to try to determine the problem. Replacing hundreds of wires with one can cut the time spent figuring out the issue by more than half. This allows operators to quickly fix the problem or place the parts order to reduce downtime. If the operation is paying by the hour for service, a shortened visit also saves money
  • ADM’s HMI controls also open the door to more automation within the system, such as automated start-up with a single click, a task that otherwise may have required flipping several switches to complete
  • More information is also available visually, as any number of readouts can be programmed to display on the HMI
  • In addition, if the system is connected to the internet, ADM offers free remote online troubleshooting that can eliminate the need for a service visit
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