ALmix Portable RAP System

Recycled Asphalt Pavement or RAP continues to be a driving component of today’s asphalt plant designs and the ALmix Portable RAP System can help asphalt producers meet their mix recycling goals.

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The ALmix Portable RAP System is the solution for asphalt producers looking to utilize RAP in their mixes, with customizable options that help any producer meet a wide range of mix recycling goals. Like all of ALmix products, the ALmix Portable RAP System is engineered to take the day-in, day-out abuse associated with high-volume plant production while incorporating the features that allow the precision required for today’s high-spec mixes:

  • Each RAP bin feeder incorporates a direct connected helical gearbox and fully-digital flux vector technology allowing the flux vector drive to produce 100% torque at zero speed without overheating
  • Each RAP bin feeder is equipped with a material flow detector to alert the plant operator if material ceases to flow from any RAP bin
  • Each RAP bin feeder tail shaft is equipped with an optical encoder which allows automatic feeder control through the ALmix Insignia Control System
  • Rotary electric vibrators and air cannons to prevent material bridging come standard
  • RAP screens, crushers and over-belt magnets are available to process even the most difficult RAP
  • Each recycle bin is fitted with a grizzly constructed from 1/2-in. x 6-in. flat bar to reject oversized materials and to provide a smooth surface for the loader bucket
  • A 36-in.-wide RAP collecting conveyor is provided under the RAP bins to transport material to the next phase in the process
  • Also available in skid-mounted and stationary designs
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