Webster Combustion HDRA-RF Aggregate Burner

Hdra 4 Outlined

The model HDRA-RF long-nose style burner was developed in response to plant operators’ input on the need for a better technology than their existing burners.

  • The 125,000,000 BTU/hour multi-fuel burners deliver increased efficiencies and reduced operating cost per ton
  • This multi-fuel register-style burner for asphalt rotary dryers allows users to shape the flame by automatically controlling the register vanes to optimally fit their dryer and combustion zone
  • The HDRA-RF is the first burner to introduce dynamic flame shaping to the aggregate drying industry
  • A servo actuated register located at the front of the burner continually controls the shape of the flame based on the output of the burner
  • Provides the option to to control the combustion air with a damper, a VFD, or both