Meeker Equipment Rejuvenator Pump Skid

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The Meeker Equipment Rejuvenator Pump Skid has progressive cavity pumps which are positive displacement pumps. These style of pumps are very linear on the pump curve and have repeatable flow rates regardless of viscosity changes in the rejuvenator. 

  • Mass flow meters provide accurate and repeatable flow rates. Density of liquid is automatically compensated so you get accurate data
  • Variable frequency drive allows operators to control VFD locally or remotely
  • Electric control valve is pre-plumbed into pump skid. Operators can run rejuvenator to drum, divert it back to a tank or for calibration
  • On the discharge side of the progressive cavity pump, we provide a relief valve so if there is ever a “plug” downstream of the pump, the relief valve will allow the liquid to circulate through the pump

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