ALmix Reverse Air Rotary Baghouse

The ALmix Reverse Air Rotary Baghouse is a continuous-duty, modular collector with bag-style filters.

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The simple, reliable design efficiently handles both low and high volumes of dust and provides plant operators with value through the ability to return dust and fines to the mix.

  • Continuous duty means that the baghouse filter bags are cleaned in sequence, one set at a time without turning the unit off. The filter bags encompass a large filter area in a small compact housing thus keeping the air velocity through the bag to a very low level when compared to traditional pulse jet baghouses
  • A low dryer velocity coupled with a low air-to-cloth ratio results in high performance. These principles are strictly adhered to at ALmix
  • Dryer velocities are held below 1,000 FPM and air-to-cloth ratios are held below 5-1. Primary collectors are not required
  • ALmix baghouses can be customized to fit your plant’s exact requirements and have the option to feature a return dust system that includes a variable speed waste dust auger to allow adjustment of fines being returned to the mixing drum
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