Digital Forces Asphalt Yard

Asphalt Yard
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The Asphalt Yard program helps to automate the asphalt plant ticketing process. The program can help automate the following areas: 

  • RF-ID and Automatic License Plate Recognition
  • Traditional and in-motion scale
  • Attend and unattended ticking, including remote video, voice, cash, check, and credit card
  • Electronic signature
  • Self-cut printer
  • Driver instructions in outdoor digital display
  • Automatic Sprayer
  • RF-ID and Automatic License Plate Recognition
  • Loadout
  • Silo selected light
  • Automatic silo positioning safety camera, and truck mix temperature logger
  • Stop light
  • Outdoor printer with electronic signature or video recording
  • Outbound scale
  • Unattended ticketing- solar power
  • Mobile ticket and job alerts
  • Web access to real time ticketing data, including giving subcontractors access to their tickets
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