General Combustion’s MKVO Vertical Heaters are designed specifically for high temperature terminal applications where space is limited.

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General Combustion’s MKVO Vertical Heaters are designed specifically for high temperature terminal applications where space is limited. Because of the unique design of the MKVO Vertical Heater, conventional fuels as well as heavy waste oils and recycled fuels can be burned without fear of coking, sludging, or damage to the coil. Heavy fuel oils have the greatest BTU energy content and are also some of the most inexpensive fuels available. The unique “Ash-Out” heater design eliminates the problems associated with burning of these types of fuel oils and allows the highest energy efficiency to maximize the caloric value of the fuel. Rugged I-Beam design coupled with a high-efficiency helical coil and a fully insulated exterior skin, make the MKVO Vertical Heater the ideal choice for Terminal Operators and Waste Oil Recyclers.


The superior high efficiency design of the General Combustion Turbocoil Heaters outperforms competitive units in all types of process applications. The close-wound helical coil design of the General Combustion Turbocoil Hot Oil Heaters eliminates the poor oil circulation problems experienced with other designs. Coking, sludge, hot spots, and burnouts are prevented. In addition, low stack temperatures mean the heat is going into the oil, not up the stack. The expansion tank is mounted remote from the heater so in normal operation, it is at ambient temperature.

This permits the use of light heat transfer oils resulting in lower pumping costs and better heat transfer. It is also safer; chances of fire are greatly reduced. By contrast, heaters with expansion tanks mounted directly on top require high flash point oil, which is more difficult to circulate at ambient temperatures. Heaters are available for vertical, horizontal, and underground tanks in steel, stainless stell, nickel, and other materials designed to meet specific job requirements, large or small.

  • Status lights for troubleshooting with indicators for fuel on, pump running, lock-out, stack switch, flow switch, over-temperature control, and low liquid level
  • Terminals for remote alarm
  • Designed for safety, easy operation, and service
  • 7-day programmable time clock
  • ASME stamped heater coil (optional)
  • Every heater is thoroughly fire tested
  • Maximum radiant energy absorption
  • Helical coil is removable for easy maintenance
  • Large combustion volume and low heat flux rates assuring long fluid life
  • Precise coil/shell gapping producing even distribution airflow for maximum thermal efficiency
  • Helical coil hydrostatically tested with oil, to 400 PSIG (ten times normal working pressure)
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