Asphalt Plant Products and Equipment March 2009

Construction Equipment - Asphalt Plant

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AC storage tanks


Meeker supplies a full line of liquid AC storage systems built for modified asphalts.

  • Vertical or horizontal, stationary or portable
  • Up to 35,000-gallon capacities
  • Hot oil coils or electric and direct-fired heat systems
  • Asphalt pumps, strainers, jacketed asphalt valves and piping available


Meeker Equipment Co. Inc.

cold feed plant


Rock Systems offers a portable cold feed plant.

  • Available in 2-, 3-, 4- or 5-hopper compartments
  • Accurately feeds different materials
  • Each hopper measures 14 x 9 6" with 20-ton storage capacity
  • Roller belt feeders with variable speed drives provide precise measuring
  • Collecting conveyor mounted under feeders and hoppers delivers materials


Rock Systems

DSX drum cleaner


Compound Technologies DSX cleaning system for hot mix asphalt drums is designed to eliminate manual drum cleaning.

  • DSX-7 drag and drum release agent is designed for drag conveyors, tranverses, batchers, pug mills, mixing drums, material transfer devices, pavers, rollers and tack trucks


Compound Technologies Inc.

DuoDrum Plants


Dillman Equipments Duo-Drum Plants feature independent aggregate dryers and separate mixing drums.

  • Dryer has large combustion volume zone and more dryer length
  • Mixer captures all by-products of mixing, such as fumes and light ends, and sends them to the dryer burner to be incinerated
  • Stantionary, skid mounted and portable configurations
  • Produces 650 tph with high recycle percentages
  • Superpave ready


Dillman Equipment



Haucks EcoStarII provides flame stability with superior performance and BACT for low emissions.

  • Fuel saving and reduced emissions through enhanced air/fuel ratio control
  • Simplified design for ease of installation, fuel handling and operation
  • Pre-piped, skid-mounted fuel manifolds with integral safety and manual shutoff valves, orifice/flow meters and control valves
  • Optional motor/impeller vibration monitor for preventive equipment maintenance


Hauck Manufacturing Co.

Ez-Flo continuous weigh scales


The Ez-Flo continuous weigh scales -- for dust, fillers and hydrated lime -- are designed to be more instantaneous and accurate than reading depleting weights from silo leg base load cells.

  • Continuous weighing of powders up to 400 degrees
  • Easily retrofitted to existing equipment
  • Easy to add to automatic blending and batching systems


Clarence Richards Services

Raptor recycle system


Maxams Raptor recycle system allows batch or counter-flow drum plant recycle without blue smoke or steam explosion.

  • Operates to 50 percent recycle


Maxam Equipment Inc.

Roadbuilder Series


The Roadbuilder Series has a parallel-flow design to maximize drying as it moves the moisture-laden aggregate in a rotating, veiled pattern away from the flame.

  • Four production sizes: 110, 160, 250 or 350 tons per hour
  • Dryer flame is shaped to minimize asphalt cement burn-off resulting in cleaner emissions
  • Available in both stationary and portable configurations
  • All plant components are standardized to ease maintenance


ADM Asphalt Drum Mixers Inc.

Sealing System


Superiors Sealing System eliminates spillage and reduces maintance of components in conveyor loading zones.

  • Patent pending system eliminates belt sage and creates a tight seal between the hopper skirting and conveyor belt
  • Optional low-friction UHMW cartridges
  • Cartridges availabe in either 5- or 10-in. widths


Superior Industries

shaker decks


Ace Groups shaker decks are designed to filter out oversized aggregate from your mix.

  • Custom made with single or double deck
  • Single decks available from 3 x 5 up to 5 x 10
  • Made to use common size screen cloths
  • The ACE Group LLC


Ace Group



Astec offers the flexibility of Microsoft Windows 2000 and soft PLC engine.

  • Run and monitor all plant functions from a standard PC, including blending operations, plant motors, motor currents, mix and plant temperatures, material inventory, silo levels, energy usage, and alarm status.
  • No traditional control panels needed
  • Flexible Profibus I/O
  • Siemens WinCC MMI
  • Runs on standard PC under Windows 2000


Astec Inc.

Thermo-Guard Asphalt Storage Tanks


Heatecs Thermo-Guard tanks heat and store liquid asphalt cement.

  • Heated by hot oil
  • Available in sizes ranging from 10,000 to 35,000 gallons
  • Numerous options available


Heatec, Inc.