Meeker World of Asphalt Preview 2024

Meeker will be located at World of Asphalt booth #2063.

Hot Mix Silos

Meeker is now building certified UL142 Asphalt Tanks. Specifically designed and registered with Underwriters Laboratories, their asphalt tank allows customers to have the assurance the tanks are built to the best quality standards. Meeker will be located at booth #2063.

UL142 Asphalt Tanks

Ul142 Asphalt Tanks

Meeker is a UL-142, ASME section VIII and API approved tank manufacturer. Their facility is quality control inspected by Underwriters Laboratories four times per year. They are a licensed manufacturer for the Steel Tank Institute, and are the recipient of STI's Quality Award 16 consecutive years and inspected two time annually. All asphalt storage tanks are built to the UL-142 construction code, and Meeker keeps records of the steel purchases, welding practices, pressure tests and other quality control measure. Six inch insulation on top and sidewalls of their tanks, and the bottoms are insulated with foam glass block. 

Environmentally Conscious Electric Hot Oil Heaters

Electric Hot Oil Heaters

Features of this heater are:

  • No emissions. Since the heater is powered by electricity, there are no gaseous emissions coming from the heater.
  • SCR Control of electric heat allows heat generated to match the load on the system. This means the heater only provides enough heat to the demand it is seeing. It is not overheating the system.   
  • PLC Controls allow the heater to operate the way you want it to. Optional phone app allows you to change settings remotely plus operators get notified of heater status.
  • Removable Expansion Tank provides way for customers to mount the expansion tank remotely if they so desire.
  • Low Expansion Tank Limit, high oil temperature limit and no flow limits provide safety to the heater and to the heat transfer oil.
  • High Flow centrifugal pump provides hi velocity flow through the heater assuring good heat transfer of energy into the oil.


Hot Mix Silos with long term safety gates and recessed wall liners

Hot Mix Silos

Meeker silos hold 3 tons of material in each batcher. Large jobs or batches decrease the chance of segregation in the mix, and split the mix as it goes into the batcher, so when the material falls into the silo, there's more even distribution of the mix in the silo. All Meeker silos come with massive heavy duty clam shell gates and a 36" opening for fast and smooth operation. Trucks get loaded faster and the oversized clam shell gates close smoothly. If the main clam shell should ever fail, the safety gates are built to close quickly to allow personnel to minimize material loss and maintain safe conditions for those around the silo.