8,000 Plants Worldwide for Astec Inc.

Astec has doubled its earning over the last five years and now has over 8,000 plants in operation worldwide.

Astec Inc. has added the numbers and is very excited to announce that there are over 8,000 plants in operation worldwide as part of the Astec family, and that number is growing, reported Dr. J. Don Brock during the company's press conference last week at the CONEXPO-CON/AGG show in Las Vegas.

"This last downturn was the most severe downturn we've seen in years," said Brock. "But our company went into the cycle with no debt and in the last five years we've doubled our earnings. In downturns, we build new products. Half of the products we're building today weren't being built three or four years ago."

Brock also pointed out that the company has expanded its international presence as well as its footprint - covering not only infrastructure but mining and energy segments as well.

Since it was founded in 1972, Astec has grown to become a world leader in asphalt plant production. Among the 8,000 plants are plants and components produced by Astec acquisitions Barber-Greene, McCarter, Esstee and Dillman.

Looking forward, Brock sees an industry that has to do more with less. "We'll have to recycle more. I see the need to be green. Technologies like warm mix asphalt will continue to develop. Recycling is the future of this company and the country - we simply have to do more with less."

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