BatchTronic Full Asphalt Batch Plant Automation Control

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With the number of screens ranging from one to four and a 'zero console' option, the BatchTronic fits all types of asphalt plants and budgets.

  • The system has the capacity to control all asphalt plant operations or just the tower
  • An industrial grade computer with security and redundancy features ensures reliable operation in all situations
  • BatchTronic runs on Microsoft Windows via a communication driver, RTX from IntervalZero, and uses one or more unique I/O boards, depending on the asphalt plant complexity, over a real-time TCP/IP protocol
  • The exact 3D representation of the actual asphalt plant reduces the learning curve needed to use the system
  • The operator can actually link what is seen to the actual physical mechanisms
  • Large arrays of numbers are avoided in favor of clear symbolic information
  • The operator is always in control of the process which can be stopped and resumed anytime while direct control of motors is always possible.
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