PHCo Lo-Density CLHR Inline Electric Fuel Oil Preheaters

Ph Co Fuel Oil Pre Heater
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Lo-Density CLHR Inline Electric Fuel Oil Preheaters from Process Heating Company (PHCo) automatically provide precise temperature and viscosity control of heavy oils for efficient and steady delivery from the pump to the burner.

  • PHCo inline heaters are fully automatic, easy to control, and – due to their removable drywell tubes – easy to clean, which is especially important when using recycled fuel oil
  • Efficient electric heaters ultimately provide unique benefits for asphalt producers that include lower operating costs, improved product quality, reduced maintenance, significantly longer heater life and enhanced sustainability
  • The PHCo preheater is plumbed between the pump discharge and the burner
  • Bypass line from the burner relief valve returns to the pump suction, and not the holding tank. This avoids adding heat to the storage tank, and also reduces electrical load by returning heated oil into the system.
  • Unit includes sensors and thermocouples for main temperature control and high temperature limit
  • An oil flow switch located in the heater discharge piping keeps the heater from energizing unless there is sufficient oil flow
  • The patented Lo-Density Coil-Lock-design heating elements, which reside within a drywell, allow the units to dissipate controlled heat as low as 5 watts per square inch on the heater’s sheath, eliminating coking of the burner oil on the drywell tubes
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