Ammann ACM 140 Prime Asphalt Plant

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The ACM Prime Asphalt-Mixing Plant is perfect for those who have a number of small jobs in varied locations and where frequent transport is required, and for paving contractors looking to introduce asphalt production into their businesses. 

  • The plant excels at specialty mixes, such as those used for paving tennis courts and running tracks
  • The ACM 140 Prime offers output of up to 154 tons per hour
  • Engineered for smaller volumes and therefore produces them efficiently, delivering cost savings in fuel and electrical energy consumption
  • Recycled asphalt can be utilized with this plant
  • The entire plant and three cold feeder bins fit on two axles during transport
  • When working, its total length is 71 ft., making it a good fit on production sites where space is tight
  • The plant’s intuitive control system and interface makes it easy to use
  • Entering recipes is done with the click of a mouse and a flat screen displays the entire plant and process in a simple view
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