Stansteel Tank Tracker

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The Stansteel Tank Tracker has the ability to accurately measure and monitor the tank and silo levels in real time and at multiple remote locations. 

  • Accurately measures liquids, solid materials and even bulk powders like mineral filler and can do so in cold or elevated temperatures
  • From your smart device, you will be able to manage all your silos and tanks on one screen. You can see real time levels and temperatures. Tap on a tank or silo to see more information on your equipment
  • With the Tank Tracker, contractors can switch views with the navigation bar to see active status of that tank or component and the alarm set points.
  • While Tank Tracker can be used to monitor only a few tanks and components, it can be greatly expanded to a full tank farm management system that will automatically and remotely select AC tank’s supply and return valves from the control room, unloading station or even remotely from a smart device. This can eliminate cross fill contamination and dangerous over fill problems
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