Astec Inc. Versa Jet Burner

Ideal for retrofit applications or anytime versatility and flexibility are prioritized, the Versa Jet burner fits nearly any drum configuration.

Versa Jet 101342
Astecinc 10072060

The Astec Versa Jet burner is an evolutionary leap forward. Ideal for retrofit applications, the Versa Jet burner fits nearly any drum configuration..

  • One versatile platform can be quickly configured to fire at 25, 35, 50, 65, 75 or 100MM BTU/hr
  • Highly adaptable burner combines three burner packages in one platform which can be easily adapted for the system at the install site
  • The unique platform of the Astec Versa Jet burner permits quick delivery and setup which minimizes downtime while maximizing profitability
  • Streamlined design ensures that these burners are ready to ship to your site quickly and can be installed with minimal modifications needed
  • 25, 35, and 50MM BTU/hr
  • Low power – All 3 models are 25 hp
  • Base burner does not include the fuel train, ideal when a functional fuel train is already on-site and available to be used
  • Configurable – optional fuel trains can be either component only or a straight-line, rack mount
  • Designed for quick delivery
  • Fuel options: Heavy oil, light oil, natural gas, and vaporized propane
  • Easy to service / low maintenance     
  • Patent US2021/0025587    

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