Pavement Preservation & Rehabilitation Industry Experts Hold Annual Meeting

Preservation & Rehabilitation 2014 - The Smart, Sustainable Choice was the theme of this years meeting in Aventura, FL.


Representing over 140 of the world’s leading companies in the pavement preservation and rehabilitation industries, over 300 delegates gathered recently to participate in the tenth combined annual meeting of the Asphalt Emulsion Manufacturers Association (AEMA 41st Annual Meeting), the Asphalt Recycling & Reclaiming Association (ARRA 38th Annual Meeting), and the International Slurry Surfacing Association (ISSA 52nd Annual Convention). Held in February 2014 in Aventura, Florida, the gathering heard more than forty speakers over the three-day period. The meeting was a concentrated assembly of industry promotion and technological advancement, as industry leaders and innovators joined together in a unique opportunity to discuss subjects of common interest and to share news of accomplishments in their related fields. Titled Preservation & Rehabilitation 2014 – The Smart, Sustainable Choice, the meeting highlighted advancements in technology and the application of asphalt emulsions and other additives, asphalt recycling and reclaiming, slurry and micro surfacing, chip seal and crack treatments.


In addition to the usual working and technical committee sessions that are always part of each Association’s annual meeting, registrants heard presentations from numerous industry experts and leaders on a wide variety of subjects. During a period of generally subdued discretionary travel, those who chose to attend this mid-winter event were richly rewarded.


Speakers included the following:


Long-term Aging of Recycled Binders - Research in Progress

 Dr. Hesham Ali, P.E., Professor of Practice, Florida Int'l University


SBR Latex - Supply Chain

 Barry Baughman, Technical Director, ULTRAPAVE Corp.


Polymers for Pavements

 Barry Baughman, Technical Director, ULTRAPAVE Corp.

 John Murphy, Ultrapave Corp.


Chemical Additives Outlook

 Andy Bickford, Product Development Platform Manager, MWV


Current Pavement Issues in Florida

 Tom Byron, Chief Engineer, Florida DOT


Outlook of Cement Supply in North America

 Frank Cawkell, Asphalt Manager, ExxonMobil Americas


Dust Control Routing

 Bryan Darling, Crafco Inc.


Electronic Slurry/Micro Pavers

 Rex Eberly, Bergkamp, Inc.


Road Maintenance Using Natural Resources in Emulsion Primers

 Abdul Elkadri, Technical Advisor, GECAN


Field Sampling & Testing Chip Seal Emulsion Residue

 Mike Farrar, Lead Engineer, Western Research Institute


Multi-Functional Equipment for Chip Seals & Cape Seal

 Yvon Gerbel, Marketing & Product Manager, Breining-Secmair - Fayat Group


Issues Shaping Business and Society in the 21st Century

 Garry Golden, Futurist, University of Houston


Mti, a Value-Added Distribution & Laboratory Services Company

 Terry Hegner, Momentum Technologies International


Bulking Effect – Does it Matter?

Mike Hemsley, Manager of Field Services, Mix Design & Performance Testing,

Paragon Technical Services


VSS Macropaver Equipment

 Doug Hogue, VSS Macropaver


Mendocino County Multi-Layer Pavement Rehabilitation – ISSA 2014 Presidents Award Winner

 Gary Houston, Director of Sales, Marketing & Technology, VSS International, Inc.


Aggregates - Tar & Chip: Are There Synergies?

 Frank Hurkmans, Aggregates & Asphalt Marketing Manager, Walker Industries


Improving Sealcoats

 Alan James, Marketing & Sales Support, Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry


Applicability of Modified Vialit Adhesion Test for Seal Treatments

 Trey Jordan, Civil Engineer, Paragon Technical Services, Inc.


Correlation of Shear & Tension Tests for Bond Coats used in Asphaltic Materials

 Trey Jordan, Civil Engineer, Paragon Technical Services, Inc.


Value of Polymer modifications & Fibers in Pavement Preservation

 Arlis Kadrmas, Technical Account Manager-Asphalt, BASF Corporation

 Rich Wenthe, Technical Services Engineer, MWV


API Std. 650, Annex M: Tanks Operating at Elevated Temperatures

 Butch Kirk, International Tank Service Inc.


Pavement Preservation & Maintenance Latest Technologies

 Pat Lavin, Road Science, Division of ArrMaz



 Myles McKemie, Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Inc.


Drum Capabilities & Wear Solutions

 Vance Moody, Kennametal, Inc.


Americans with Disabilities Act

 Robert Mooney, Pre Construction Team Leader, FHWA - Office of Program Administration


FP2 Update

 Jim Moulthrop, Executive Director, FP2 Inc.


Polymers for Pavements

 John Murphy, Ultrapave Corp.


Affordable Care Act

 George Olsen, President, Williams & Jensen


NCAT Update

 Dr. Buzz Powell, Assistant Director, National Center for Asphalt Technology


Wright Asphalt Tire Rubber Modified Asphalt Products

 Dan Quire, Wright Asphalt Products Co.


Welcome to PPRS Paris 2015

 Jean-Claude Roffe, International Member Representative, AEMA


This is Caterpillar…Built for it

 Terry Sharp, Caterpillar Paving Products


The Effect of Lab Compaction Method on the Strength of FDR Mixtures

 Sadie Smith, Graduate Research Assistant, Univeristy of Arkansas


Building Lasting Solutions

 Barry Stoughton, BLS Enterprises, Inc.


Utah's First Double Double

 Kirk Thornock, Program Manager, Utah DOT


Heatec Emulsion Equipment

 Jerry Vantrease, Heatec


Control Practices of Hydrogen Sulfide in an Asphalt Facility

 Bob Walley, Compliance Director, Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Inc.

 Tim Hermes, Health & Safety Specialist, Ergon, Inc.


FHWA Update

 Butch Wlaschin, Director, Office of Asset Management, Pavements, and Construction, FHWA



Meeting activities also included the respective elections of new officers and directors of each association, as well as awards presentations, and numerous committee, technical committee, and task force sessions during the three-day program.