Roadtec SP-100e Gravity-Fed 10-ft Paver

Gravity-fed 10-ft. paver eliminates a number of material-handling conveyor components and requires less engine power, saving fuel

Sb 2500e Sp 100e Mg 7475

The SP-100e’s innovative design provides consistent results, easy maintenance and increased comfort, all while decreasing costs.

  • Uses 25% less fuel and reduces annual costs of ownership by 20% when compared to conventional pavers.
  • Industry’s only gravity-fed paver
  • Material fed steadily and dispensed evenly, resulting in improved mat density and consistent smoothness.
  •  Maintenance and inspection areas easily accessed from doors on sides or top of the paver.
  • Revolutionary air curtain directs fumes and heat away from operator platform.
  • Platform swing out stations provide clear and wide sight lines.


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