WBI Delta S RAP Rejuventor and WMA

Plant-based solution reduces paving costs by increasing the amount of reclaimed asphalt that can be effectively used while reducing paving temperatures needed for optimal performance.

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The Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry and Collaborative Aggregates announce the commercial availability of Delta S, an easy-to-use liquid additive that reverses aging and oxidation in reclaimed asphalt.

  • Plant-based solution can also perform as a warm mix asphalt (WMA) additive, significantly reducing paving temperatures and minimizing energy consumption
  • Non-toxic, worker safe and environmentally friendly
  • Can be used in any traditional hot mix, recycling, in-place recycling or warm mix asphalt applications
  • Single tank storage
  • Can be added during any phase of production
  • Enables the use of higher ratio RAP and RAS to virgin asphalt and aggregate without affecting pavement performance
  • Third-party test data shows comparable performance to virgin asphalt
  • Significantly lowers paving temperatures, reducing energy usage and extending paving season
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