W 240 CR / W 240 CRi Cold Recycler

The heavy-duty milling and mixing rotor of the W 240 CRi granulates the damaged asphalt pavement while the granulated material is homogeneously mixed with a binding agent and water sprayed into the mixing chamber to produce the new mix on the spot.

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The helical design of the Wirtgen W 240 CRi milling and mixing rotor transports the mix to the center and then to the paving unit via the primary conveyor. The spreading auger distributes it evenly in front of the variable paving screed, which ensures that the mix is paved true to line and level.

  • The heavy-duty milling and mixing unit is ideally suited for both the down-cut process (recycling) and up-cut process (milling)
  • The extremely hard-wearing HT22 quick-change toolholder system increases productivity. In addition, the Multiple Cutting System MCS EXTEND for different working widths maximizes machine utilization
  • State-of-the-art injection systems with adjustable injection pressure, innovative process water monitoring for the different injection systems, and an automatic self-cleaning and flushing feature can be relied on to produce high-quality base layers
  • High-powered, high-torque diesel engine, minimized engine noise emissions for around- the-clock operations in urban environments, and intelligent engine-machine management system for maximum advance rates guarantee impressive machine performance
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