Troxler Purchases TestQuip LLC

The acquisition allows Troxler to offer a full range of balanced mix design products

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Troxler Electronic Laboratories, Inc. announces the purchase of TestQuip. TestQuip LLC is a producer of high quality crack testing equipment and accessories for contractors, states and research groups. This union brings the highest quality and most advanced crack testing suite of products to the Troxler portfolio, rounding out the full offering of Balanced Mix Design products. 

William F. Troxler, Jr is excited about this acquisition stating, “We already make the premiere Hamburg rut testing equipment and adding the next piece of the puzzle will give us the best Balanced Mix Design offering available in both quality, accuracy and durability. We hope to help each state choose the tests that will best predict performance for that area.”

The Balanced Mix Design (BMD), or Performance-Engineered Mixture Design (PEMD), is an adjustment to the current USA Superpave volumetric testing that adds performance testing to the equation in the form of both rut and crack testing. This means that pavement designers will be able to model consistency in volumetrics and performance in BMD with these new tests, enabling states and contractors to build long-lasting asphalt roads with minimum maintenance required. 

Tom Brovold of TestQuip, an industry thought leader and expert with servo hydraulics, stated “After carefully designing the most robust and accurate devices in the industry, I wanted to take it to the next level. Having worked with Troxler on other products for many years, there was only one place I wanted to go that has the expertise and ethics to do it the right way and that was Troxler.” 

Brovold will stay on for a while with Troxler to continue to promote and develop this test equipment. Troxler will add a Minnesota location to its company.

Across the nation, many DOTs are already implementing or testing the BMD approach with six DOTs already using it and another 20 DOTs using some sort of rut and crack testing in mix design. Troxler is proud to offer this complete BMD product portfolio to the road construction industry and help pave the way to the future by continuously producing, inventing, buying and ultimately providing the highest quality, longest lasting instrumentation to its customers.