Topcon SmoothRide Road Scanning System

Topcon announces new scanning solution to change road resurfacing workflow.

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The vehicle-mounted resurfacing solution for paving and milling projects uses a combination of core Topcon technologies designed to deliver the smoothest surface possible, while efficiently managing the quantity of material for each project.

  • The workflow consists of a vehicle-mounted road scan, existing and finish surface design, and machine control using GNSS with sonic tracker sensor guidance — each phase devised to contribute an overall time and cost savings, as well as maximize crew safety for projects
  • Once the road information is gathered, operators can use Mobile Master Office point data processing software to recreate the existing surface
  • MAGNET Office with Resurfacing is then used to digitally create a high-resolution model of the required finished mat
  • The resurfacing module allows operators to create a design using specific regulatory requirements such as minimum thickness, desired cross-slope, and overall smoothness
  • That information is taken to a paver or milling machine, allowing variable depth performance, the result is a much smoother road and faster completion times
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