AutoRice Controller

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The AutoRice Controller is a digital vacuum manometer that automatically controls, monitors and tunes the entire Rice Test operation. It is programmed to monitor all requirements of ASTM D2041 and AASHTO T209.

  • The AutoRice will automatically start the vacuum pump, vibrating table and timer, set vacuum pressure, as well as monitor the pressure throughout the test.
  • Takes just minutes to set up and works with all types of vibrating or oscillating tables, glass flasks or metal pycnometers and can be programmed to meet state or local specifications
  • Replaces your digital vacuum manometers and gauges
  • Automatically controls all Rice test equipment
  • Decreases disputes between contractor and agency Rice test results
  • Monitors shaker frequency to ensure proper sample agitation 
  • Saves technician time
  • Stores all data for review and record keeping
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