Asphalt Analyzer Laboratory Test Machine

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The InfraTest Asphalt Analyzer provides an automated and enclosed method of performing solvent extractions to verify asphalt content on bituminous mixture, and rubber-modified bituminous mixtures, which has been recently approved under ASTM D8159.

  • InfraTest’s new ground tire rubber model, Rubber Analyzer, is equipped with a second solvent circuit allowing for the extraction of rubber particles in modified asphalt mixtures
  • Running the machine and extraction process is simple and requires limited training; the end-user fills up the provided washing drum with an asphalt sample up of up to 3500g, inserts the sample into washing chamber of the machine, then inserts an empty centrifuge cup into the built-in centrifuge compartment to collect the fines. All the chambers are locked before beginning the extraction procedure, via the built-in PC, the number of washing and dry cycles is selected depending on sample type and size. During the extraction process, binder is collected in the binder recovery chamber and solvent is distilled and recycled with only 25ml permanent loss per extraction. Aggregates are washed within the washing chamber, binder and minus #200 fines are automatically separated, and all minerals are dried. After several uses, refilling the unit with new solvent is done through a closed quick-connect system using a manual foot pump or vacuum pump option further limiting interaction with harmful chlorinated solvents
  • Rubber modified mixes are processed through a built in larger washing drum, using a decantation principle to separate the rubber particles from the mix. Once the mix is warmed up and separated within the washing chamber, the drum gets flooded with solvent. Rubber particles float up and get collected onto the collection tray above
  • The end-user has to only weigh vessels and contents before and after the extraction to determine quantity of undissolved particles, the recovered binder would contain any particles finer than 63-microns or 75 microns depending on preferred drum mesh which is interchangeable
  • Interaction with harmful solvents required to run the machine is eliminated as the entire process is automated and within a closed system   
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