Innovative Electric Distributor Unveiled at CONEXPO by LeeBoy

The Electric Max 2 Distributor from Rosco, a LeeBoy company, will help contractors improve heating efficiencies while also lowering their carbon footprint.

E Max Jobsite Still Lee Boy (8 Of 9)

On the heels of the announcement of their fully electric paver prototype, the 8520C E-Paver, Leeboy revealed a new Maximizer 2 Distributor in booth C31731 on monday at CONEXPO 2023. The machine is designed to give users consistent, reliable heat for spraying emulsion, but also do so in a way that helps contractors reduce their carbon footprint.Lee Boy E Max 11

“We wanted to take the proven performance of our Maximizer 2 Distributor and enhance it for current and future market demand,” Chris Broome, Senior Product Manager at LeeBoy said. “A lot of what you see on the Electric Maximizer 2 is a result of the proven performance the industry is familiar with, engineered for electric heating.”

Another aspect shared with this and the 8520 series of pavers is that it shares the same generator they feature, and thus, it does not require an additional battery. It is a 13 KW generator that powers two 6000 watt heating element, capable of maintaining the heat of materials inside its tank.

“This machine was specifically designed to reduce the use of diesel and help contractors lower their carbon footprint,” Broome said. “We are taking power off of the engine and converting it into electricity for the two heating elements.”

No Flame = Less Pain

The flameless design has proven to be extremely reliable, and it can also reportedly increase average productivity on the job site. 

“With flame type burners, whether they're propane or diesel, you can't heat while you're driving and one of the big bonuses with the Electric Maximizer 2 is you’ll be able to run the generator to heat or maintain heat while you're driving to the job site,” Broome said. “This will all but eliminate the downtime needed to heat material once you’ve arrived at the job site.”

At the end of each work day, when the unit is powered off, it only needs to be plugged into a 240 VAC (50 AMP) single phase shop power source. Then the electrical elements are able to keep the temperature stable without the use of diesel fuel.Lee Boy E Max 19

“The material temperature is thermostatically controlled so it's only heating when it needs to, keeping the material at the target temperature at all times” Broome said.
Visit LeeBoy in the Central Hall at CONEXPO 2023, Booth C31731, to learn more.

Electric Max 2 Asphalt Distributor At A Glance

  • 12’ Fully Circulating Folding Spray Bar

  • 13KW Generator Powering Two 6KW Heating Elements

  • Maintains Heat During Travel, Overnight, and on the Job

  • 77.7K BTU Oil Cooler

  • On-Board Heat Control Panel

  • Automatic In-Cab Controls

  • 400 Gallons Per Minute Viking Asphalt Pump

  • Enviro-Flush Clean Out System

  • Accurate Application Regardless of Spray Bar Width or Speed

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