[VIDEO] Cargill's Asphalt Solutions Help Improve Asphalt Pavement Performance

With ANOVA Asphalt Rejuvenator from Cargill contractors can utilize more recycled content while maintaining performance.

Pavements continually oxidize and age during their performance life, leading to durability issues as a result of increased stiffness and brittleness and lower ability to relax stress. Increasing the usage of recycled asphalt material from pavements or roofing shingles necessitates the reversal of aging on the asphalt’s rheological and damage properties.

These products are excellent tools for a wide range of pavement types and pavement preservation applications:

  • High RAP and RAS mixtures with up to 100% RAP, while reducing construction temperatures
  • Rejuvenating asphalt emulsions for surface seals and cold in place recycling
  • Oils and emulsified oils for hot in place recycling and surface rejuvenating applications
Anova rejuvenators have demonstrated desirable impact on asphalt pavements containing highly aged RAP and RAS binder (reclaimed asphalt pavement and shingles) in documented results in the laboratory and in the field.
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