[VIDEO] Caltrans Launches Work Zone Speed Reduction Initiative

Caltrans continues to make safety its top priority with three new work zone safety initiatives. The first new initiative is reducing speed in work zones by 10 miles an hour.

The California Department of Transportation announced three new safety initiatives to improve highway work zone safety: lowering work-zone speed limits, allowing more space between workers and traffic and expanding work “time windows” to give work crews more flexibility to work safer and get projects done faster, lessening the impact of roadway work on motorists.

“One death on our highway system – whether it’s a Caltrans employee, a resident, or someone visiting our great state – is one death too many,” Caltrans Director Laurie Berman said in a statement. “Speeding in a work zone is like gambling with lives. In the last five years, over 3,000 people nationwide lost their lives in work zone collisions and more than 85 percent of them were the motoring public. And speed was a factor in 28 percent of those crashes.”