Frequently Asked Questions to Pavement Award

Pavement Awards 2025[main]

1.   How do I submit a nomination?

CLICK HERE and select the category you choose to submit a nomination for. All applications must be submitted electronically. Applications emailed to Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction staff or submitted through social media channels will not be considered.

2.     Can I nominate my company?

Yes, absolutely.

3.    Can I submit a nomination for someone who recently won Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction’s Top Contractor Award?

Yes, absolutely. These are different awards designed to highlight different kinds of achievements. 

4.      Is there a limit to the number of nominations I can submit?

Limit one nomination per company per category. Nominees can be nominated in different categories.

5. If I submit multiple applications for the same nominee, will that increase the chances of that nominee winning?

No. In fact, submitting multiple applications for the same nominee could actually hurt the chances of that nominee winning.

6.    How do you determine a winner from the submission?

Submissions must tell a story and must include all components of the nomination.

Winners ARE NOT determined based on relationship with Pavement Maintenance & ReconstructionWinners ARE ALSO NOT determined based on their advertising

7.      I submitted my nomination. What’s next?

Thank you for submitting your nomination. Now we wait until submissions close before we can begin the vetting process. Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for the vetting process before we can begin notifying winners.

8.      How will I know if I won?

After submissions close and winners have been selected, both winners and the person submitting the nomination will receive an email with additional instructions, embargo information, etc. Please allow up to 2-3 weeks after the submission close date. 

9.      Can I make changes to the nomination after I hit submit?

No, unfortunately you cannot make edits or changes to the nomination after it’s been submitted electronically.

10.      Do I need to submit logos, headshots or anything at time of submission?

There will be places throughout the submission process asking for photos of the project. A minimum of 2 high-resolution digital photos of the nominated contracting company’s community contribution or activity must accompany the submission. Contractors can submit up to 5 photos. Photos can include “before” and “after” pictures to show the improvement and finished product, photos of the crew working on various aspects of the job, and any other photos that you think support your submission.

References or letters of support for suppliers, newspaper clippings, and thank you letters from clients and or community members can be included with this submission.

11.     What is the entry fee?

Applications are free; there is no charge/fee to apply.

12.  I want to submit a nomination, but the submission date is closed. Can I still submit a nomination?

No, Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction does not accept any past due submissions. Once the deadline has passed, nominations are closed.

13.  What if my submission doesn’t win, or my entry isn’t eligible. 

If you think your submission may not be eligible, please read through the criteria or email Editor Brandon Noel at [email protected]. Otherwise, if you do not win, there's always next year.

14. When will the winners be announced?

Winners will be announced on in January 2025.

15. Does the nominee have to attend PAVE/X to apply for the award?

No, the nominee does not have to attend PAVE/X to apply.

16. How will the winners be introduced? Will you be putting out a press release?

Individual winners will be posted on in an article. CLICK HERE for an example of last year's article.