Cheers to a Busy, Safe Construction Season

While preparing for the Concrete Contractor May/June 2024 issue, I'd like to draw your attention to a few items.

Award 2024 Concrete Top Product

For many of you out there, I’m hoping “construction season” has already begun. Here’s to being safe. Here’s to being successful. Here’s to being busy.

Among the metric ton of content found within this issue, I’d like to draw attention to three pieces:

Inside is a short piece on concrete paving equipment and slipformers (page ##). When I started asking about how the concrete paver and slipfomer has changed over the years, my original plan was an article about the equipment. The assumption was I would be writing about industry-breaking innovations or improved spreaders and screeds for higher-quality placement. While the machines likely having improved slightly over the years, I learned instead that any discussion about concrete paver equipment also includes the machines and technologies in support. How stringless technologies have improved precision. How the equipment width capabilities have increased - and the need for a source (concrete plant) capable of keeping the concrete supply going.

Since we’re on the subject of "improvements" within construction and concrete contractors, Concrete Contractor is overjoyed to announce this year’s Top Products winners (page ##). Concrete Contractor's Top Products award recognizes the innovative products, tools, machines, solutions, and equipment designed for the concrete contractor. Winners of the Concrete Contractor Top Product Award are designed to not only help overcome the challenges contractors face daily but do so with innovative ideas and ingenuity setting contractors up for success in the years to come. Join us as we recognize all these great products, tools, and equipment. 

Another special addition to this article is a piece by Cal Beyer and Scott Kubiszewski of DPR Construction (page ##). The story is about how Scott and drove the support to have Naloxone available on construction jobsites, later forming with Alliance for Naloxone Safety in the Workplace with 23 founding members. In some exciting news – since co-authoring the article, Cal has been hired on the SAFE Workplaces team as senior director for the national nonprofit SAFE Project (Stop the Addiction Fatality Epidemic). SAFE Workplaces is an organization that supports businesses like yourselves with programs on substance misuse/disorder and mental health.

There's a lot more so I hope you enjoy this issue. Stay safe out there.