A "Quality" Time at NPE West

Back from National Pavement Expo West in Las Vegas and right off I'd like to thank those of you who took a few minutes to stop by and say hello - and there were quite a few of you. This is a great opportunity to for me to meet contractors, discuss the state of the industry in your market, learn how so many of you go about business in such different ways, and you can believe that I came back into the office with a head full of story ideas and a suit coat full of contractor business cards to call about them. Lots of insights to report from NPE West and I'll trickle them out over the next few entries, but let's start with some of the comments from exhibitors. I won't reveal the companies - I didn't ask if I could quote them, this was just in conversation - but one sealer producer told me he'd had "the best first day" he'd ever had at NPE West. Another said he had "a great day" but was disappointed in himself for not getting a larger booth and bringing more equipment (he's already planning for next year). Still another (actually two different exhibitors) said they were especially impressed with the quality of the people walking the floor, stopping to talk and learn - and buy. Quality contractors, quality exhibitors, and I enjoyed talking with all of you.