You Need to Attend National Pavement Expo

The 26th Annual National Pavement Expo will convene in Nashville February 2-5 -- and I'm always surprised at how many contractors in the industry won't be there. That makes absolutely no sense. After working for more than 20 years to help put together NPE and its sister show NPE West I find it hard to believe that so many contractors don't attend one of the two shows regularly. Over the years I've talked with hundreds of contractors and I often ask them if they've attended, and get this: The people who do attend can't imagine not attending while the people who have never been can't understand why they should go. Well, those who don't attend don't know what they're missing -- and they don't understand the impact NPE can have on their business. These shows -- the conference program, the exhibit floor, and the interaction with other contractors -- are invaluable for contractors who make an effort. Sure, if you're going to drive in and spend the nights enjoying yourself (easy to do in Nashville) and the mornings sleeping in, then you'll get what you've earned. But every year, and several times at each show, I am approached by contractors who thank Cygnus for hosting the show because it helped them improve their business. Sometimes the improvements are minor, helping them tweak an everyday process that saved time and money; Sometimes the improvements are major -- maybe the contractors learned how to restructure sales compensation to generate more business, or perhaps they attended an infrared session that opened their eyes to adding the new technology to their fleet. The point is that every contractor attending can take home enough information to make a visit to NPE valuable for them -- and just maybe it could change your business future. If you don't believe that just give the show a try -- and while at NPE look up any of our Advisory Board members who can testify personally to the impact NPE has had on their business. Preregistration (where you can save a few bucks) ends January 19 so visit and check out the conference program. Hope to see you in Nashville.