Guide to Pavement Maintenance

There aren't too many books out there covering pavement maintenance for contractors -- that's just one reason the newly published Guide to Pavement Maintenance is worth a look. Written by Thomas McDonald and Patrick McDonald, both who have strong backgrounds in the pavement maintenance and construction business, The Guide is a re-focused sequel to Tom McDonald's first book, Property Manager's Guide to Pavement Maintenance. And while that book aimed at educating the pavement maintenance buyer, this new Guide is aimed at the contractor and can be used both by contractor and property manager. "This step-by-step book is written and developed for anyone involved in using and maintaining asphalt pavement," they note in the Forward, and that's exactly right. Numerous diagrams and drawings make problems and processes clear, from walking readers through a pavement distress inventory to identifying causes of deterioration, discussing the appropriate use of various techniques and the benefits that can be expected, the book is a handy reference as the season starts. With a little luck we'll see these two guys at NPE West, Dec. 8-10 in Las Vegas, but for more info from them right now visit their website at