Tips for Fuel Savings

Anytime fuel prices jump they can take a big bite out of any business -- such as any pavement maintenance company -- that runs fleets of equipment. Websites such as and offer a number of tips to help you get more mileage from each gallon of gas -- and here are a few: * Maintain all vehicles. This includes changing the oil and replacing the spark plugs. Studies have shown that changing oil and using an energy-conserving oil can improve fuel efficiency by as much as 2%. And changing spark plugs that aren't operating properly can reduce fuel consumption by as much as 30%. * Turn off the air conditioning. Obviously this depends on where you're working and whether you're working during the day, but make sure to make drivers aware of the AC they use. Don't just turn it on and leave it on -- use the vents and roll down windows when possible. * Don't idle. Many contractors let their equipment idle because they're going to be operating it a short while. By reducing idling time you reduce fuel consumption. The over/under is 20 seconds so if it will be at least 20 seconds before you use the equipment, turn it off. * Inflate tires to proper levels. Over- or under-inflated tires can waste more than 3% of fuel, so add a tire pressure checkup to your daily checklist. If you have any tips of your own make sure to share!