1-800-Pavement Dials It Up at NPE

It's not often an exhibitor wants to tell us how well they did at National Pavement Expo, but we tip our hat to 1-800-Pavement's Mike Musto who let us in on just how successful NPE 2011 was for his vanity phone number company. Mike is a marketer. He believes in marketing, he knows it works, and he's not afraid to test new ideas (if you attended NPE you probably had a hotel room key with his ad on one side). So when he decided to host current 1-800-Pavement members at a hospitality suite at NPE he offered a great spread, a drawing, actually handed out leads, had a brief presentation by NPE presenter Guy Gruenberg of Grow Consulting, and invited prospective members from the NPE exhibit floor to mix with current users of various 1-800 numbers so they could ask questions and get the inside story of how the vanity numbers work. I suspect Mike will be hosting a similar event at the 2012 NPE in Memphis because he and his crew have signed up 32 new members so far this year. For a list of contractors who have recently joined the 1-800 network visit our facebook page (www.facebook.com/pavementmagazine) where you'll also find a few photos from the event itself. Until then here's me and Pavement Publisher Amy Schwandt comparing notes at the 1-800-Pavement event. Thanks for dinner, Mike!
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