Could Insurance Companies Be Generating Business for You?

Word from the street is there's an awful lot of bidding still taking place out there -- not that the bids are actually getting let or that the margins on the jobs are very big... but last week we heard from a Florida contractor who happened across a person walking a parking lot, taking photos and notes. The obvious thought is: this guy is bidding a job. Not so. The contractor asked him and the guy was from an insurance company, doing an evaluation of the parking lot. His company's concern is liability issues so he visits properties his company insures, does an evaluation of pavement condition, slip- or trip-and-fall hazards, potholes, even pavement markings that might result in traffic flow confusion -- then writes a report that his insurance company provides the property manager. Of course the property manager immediately gets the work done because there's no way he would get a claim paid after the insurance company warned him of the potential problems. Is this going on in your market? Let us know.