Back from NPE...and Ready to Go!

The 25th National Pavement Expo is history, but that doesn't mean its impact is over. The event was busy, with attendance up from 2009 and contractors and exhibitors pretty positive about the upcoming year. Attendance at seminars was up, interaction with speakers was strong, and many people let me know they thought NPE had an especially strong conference program. It's always gratifying when I get stopped in the hall outside of a seminar room and a contractor tells me how effective a speaker was or how much he took away from a specific session. That happened many times last week in Nashville and we're glad to be able to provide that help. One of the greatest benefits of attending NPE is the opportunity to meet and talk with contractors from throughout the country. I spent much of last week doing just that and thanks to everyone I talked with I've got more ideas for magazine articles, new seminars, and even a couple of new speakers. I talked with contractors who return year after year, and they told me they look for those or two small things that can have an impact on their business. I talked with a contractor who attended the first NPE, and I talked with many who attend every year or two. So to all those who took a few minutes out of their day to share their business with me, thanks much. I'll put that all to good use. I always find NPE invigorating and energizing. It recharges my batteries and gets me ready for the year ahead, and I think many contractors feel the same way. Let me know how you liked NPE, what you learned, what you bought, and anything else about NPE you want to share. I'll be doing the same over the next few days so keep checking back.