Read Pavement's First-ever Issue

As many of you know by now Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction is celebrating its 25th year this year and we thought it might be fun to show everyone what the very first issue looked like. So check it out. It's not bad for a first try, and Bob Woltering, the founder and first editor, did a nice job of developing it until it and National Pavement Expo were purchased by The Aberdeen Group (which at the time owned World of Concrete) in 1990. It retained its mostly black-and-white look until it was sold to Johnson Hill Press (now Cygnus Business Media) in 1995. The industry has changed quite a bit, and the magazine has changed too. But as you scroll through that first issue you'll see a lot of familiar names, including SealMaster, Crafco, Deery, Tarmax, Neyra, Billy Goat, Masco (then called Mr. Air Sweepers), USA-Tips. Yes, it seems I do save everything.