Thanks to Robert Liles

We appreciate all the effort all our speakers put in to develop presentations at National Pavement Expo but I'd like to single out Robert Liles for special kudos at this year's NPE. Robert has been a member of the Pavement Advisory Board since 2002 and has been presenting various sessions, including "Parking Lot Layout & Striping Basics" at NPE and NPE West since before then. In addition to running his own pavement marking business, Robert Liles Parking Lot Service in Tyler, TX, he's also the mastermind behind Parking Lot Planet, one of the industry's premier websites with what is undoubtedly the industry's best and most well-run forum section. If you don't visit regularly you need to add it to your "favorites." Anyway, about a month before the recent NPE Robert jumped in to develop a session when the scheduled speakers ran into a conflict. His "Indoor Striping and Outdoor Sports Court Marking" was an effort by NPE to expose contractors to a two services they could offer, either as add-ons or to help contractors shift their striping work indoors on rainy days and when winter hit. And it couldn't have gone any better. From covering the types of customers that need indoor striping (including convention center floors, cold storage areas, hospital aisles and school hallways) to outlining special concerns unique to indoor work (such as keeping fire extinguishers accessible and identifying exit routes) to covering OSHA requirements and recommended line width (anything over 2 inches is usually acceptable with a 4-inch line most popular), Robert introduced a room full of folks to an income-generating growth area. And that was before he even got to sports court marking. So thanks to Robert for stepping in and stepping up; we appreciate it. And to those of you who heard about the session but weren't able to attend, don't worry. We'll ask Robert back to do it again.