Safety in Numbers on Pothole Repair Crews

We've all been driving past a paving crew or pothole repair crew when someone in the car says, "Look at all those lazy people! Why do they need all those people to repair one small pothole. Tax dollars at work!" Those in the business -- especially those out on the road working amidst traffic -- know why, and a recent Chicago Tribune article does a nice job detailing how the city repairs potholes, why crews are so large, and how the repair size and road configuration affects crew size. "Safety Drives Pothole Crew Size" covers Chicago's pothole problem from the viewpoint of safety, explaining that "While only two or three workers actually patch the holes, a large supporting cast protects them from traffic whizzing by." The article also offers tips for drivers on how best to protect your car from pothole damage and a great graphic showing the pothole repair train the city generally uses. Oh, it also reports some unusual pothole-related stories, including a news brief about a Canadian group that took photos of themselves posing nude standing in some of the worst potholes in Leader, Saskatchewan. They turned the photos into a calendar, sold 3,000 copies, and eventually convinced city leaders that maybe the potholes needed repairing.