Celebrating Innovation

In the May issue of Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction we take a look at a handful of innovations that have helped move the industry forward, and in an online exclusive article we interview Kevin Gosnell, president and CEO of T&K Asphalt Services, Whitman, MA, who is the current president of the Pavement Network, about how that organization has played a significant role in showing how contractors can work together. These are only a few of the innovations the market has seen, but we couldn't cover them all. Asphalt/coal tar blends, airless stripers, sealer pumps, and many more contractor- or manufacturer-driven developments are now commonplace in the industry. And that doesn't even touch on technological developments such as computerization, global position systems, e-mail (and fax before that), wireless communication, and websites -- that are not specific to this industry. These (and other innovations) have made work easier, improved efficiency, improved job quality, and had an impact on profitability. What we'd like to know is what innovations you've seen and embraced, and what impact -- positive or even negative -- they've had on your business. Drop us a comment and share your thoughts.