Protect Your Cell Phone from Unwanted Calls

Thanks to John Ball, Top Quality Paving (and regular speaker at National Pavement Expo) who took time out from his jobsite paving consulting work with contractors to remind me about the National Do Not Call List for cell phone users. Cell phones have become such an integral part of most contractors' operations that we rarely give them a thought. But as of next month cell phone numbers are fair game for sales pitches. And not only will those blind and even "robo" sales calls be disrupting personal and work time -- but call recipients will pay for each call, just as you do now for legitimate calls. So do yourself a favor and call 888-382-1222 and get your phone number on the National Do Not Call List. Calls must be made from each cell phone number on that number's phone -- I can't call and put your phone on the list -- and putting your phone number on the list protects you for 5 years.