What Does It Really Cost to Run Your Sweeping Operation?

That's a question many people just don't know the answer to -- but you can find out by signing up for a North American Power Sweeping Association (NAPSA) webinar on just that topic. Scheduled for Wednesday October 6 at 3:00 p.m EST, "What Does it Really Cost to Run Your Sweeping Operation" will be led by Gerry Kesselring, Contractor Sweepers & Equipment, and will take contract sweepers through a checklist to help identify, calculate, and understand the complete costs for running not only a sweeping business but your equipment as well. Gerry is known throughout the industry as one of the best when it comes to understanding operating costs -- so this session would be a worthwhile investment (and probably fall under one of his "operating cost" categories) for most contract sweepers. The webinar cost is $100 for NAPSA members; $200 for nonmembers.... and registration ends at noon EST on October 6. And by the way, NAPSA membership is valuable enough without discounted webinar fees, but to entice even more contractors NAPSA is currently running a membership special of 15 months' membership for only 12 months' cost.. so if you're not a member you can parlay first-year dues into some real extra value.