A "Real Life" Example of How NPE Can Help You

In a previous entry I mentioned the value of attending National Pavement Expo, suggesting that contractors who don't attend are missing an opportunity to develop their business. This week, while conducting interviews for an article for March/April Pavement, I ran across another specific example of how NPE has helped a contractor. I was talking with Nick Howell, president of T&N Asphalt Services in Utah, about steps contractors can take in this tough economy to help find more work. Nick, who is also current president of the National Pavement Contractors Association, gave me a number of good ideas (you have to wait until the March issue hits to read them) but he also stressed that contractors should attend National Pavement Expo. "I can give you a perfect example in just one class," Nick told me. "Understanding Pavement Defects. I’ve probably taken that course 15 times over the last 15 years and that one class has probably gotten us more work in the long run because I could go out and talk to customers and explain what the problem is and why it’s happening and how to fix it. That one class has helped us win jobs, helped us do a better job, and has helped us appear very professional." Only a couple more days to pre-register for National Pavement Expo, Feb. 18-21 in Charlotte, NC. Hope to see you there.