I'm an Asphalt Ace!

Okay, not really. Thanks to the folks in this industry I have learned quite a bit over the years, but when I need information I turn to Pavement readers and National Pavement Expo speakers to find out what I need to know. But I'm still an Asphalt Ace because the Asphalt Institute says so. The AI had a well-attended day-long workshop at NPE (one of the best-attended sessions in Charlotte) where Mike Sonnenberg, Dwight Walker, and Wayne Jones were teaching. But on the exhibit floor those three and Brian Clark were dealing -- cards. Just like the sharks in Las Vegas they lured me into their booth to play AI blackjack, assuring me I'd be a winner. Yeah, right. I hit on a 14 against a dealer's face card and I busted (the dealer would have 20 anyway, so the play was right even if the result wasn't). But true to their word I was a winner and took home my Asphalt Ace license plate, which if you can't win it as easily as I did you can buy from AI at their site for a buck. And while you're there check out the 7th edition of MS-4, the industry "red book," which is probably the most-thumbed book in my office.
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