Embezzlement seminar should have been SRO

National Pavement Expo's conference program always offers sessions that we know contractors need to attend, but invariably these types of sessions (legal, contracts, safety, regulation) are among the sessions that draw the fewest contractors each year. I guess that's okay, and we'll keep offering the sessions our research shows contractors need to have access to, but I have to admit...I just don't get it. A perfect example is this year's "Embezzlement & Fraud: How You Can Protect Yourself" presented by Pam Newman, RPPC Inc. Last year we offered it for the first time and it drew only 18 people; this year that number dropped to 7. We'll offer the session again, though not in 2010, but I don't understand why contractors aren't interested in learning how to protect themselves from one of the most common and most damaging problems small businesses encounter. If you think it's rare you need to have a few more conversations with other small business owners. In fact most contractors know someone who has encountered this type of problem (most people in the session the last couple of years had already experienced it). Why wouldn't a contractor spend $65 and 90 minutes to learn some basic, low cost (or cost-free) steps they can take to protect their company? Any contractor who has run into embezzlement or fraud can tell you an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure... and sessions like this one should be Standing Room Only.