Equipment Connection site goes "live" with pavement content

Normally I'm not one to crow about anything technology related (usually because I don't take the time to figure it out) but a revamped website that went "live" just yesterday really deserves some attention. It's called Equipment Connection and it's such a high-caliber upgrade over what our website offered as it's product research tool before that it's almost inaccurate to term this new site an upgrade. It's going to do for online research what the Ipod did for music selection and the Tivo did for recording television programs; its ease of use is that much better. Even though it starts with equipment, it doesn't end with equipment (and materials, tools, services, videos, manufacturer information and more). It's the way Equipment Connection integrates so much of the industry that makes this something worth using. In this day and age we know that "content is king," and that's where this site starts. But you can have access to all the content in the world but if you can't navigate it what good is it? It's the fluidity of the site that I think makes it so valuable. Say you're interested in asphalt pavers. You go to the site and you have two options: Type "asphalt paver" in the search box, a menu drops down, and you can click on the category you want; Or, just use the handy category list on the left to take you to the asphalt paver section. Once in the section you can view products by company, you can view pavers by product from most recent back, or you can just get a listing of all companies that manufacture asphalt pavers. And you can even view pavers in an A-Z list by product name. And it's all right there in front of you. You don't have to back out or click to the "home" page to do anything; it's all done right from whatever page you're on. Ease of use, fluidity, comprehensive information. You never know, I might even use this thing.