Mick Vinckier Helps Airport Striper

National Pavement Expo does work to bring in the best of the best pavement maintenance speakers each year, and we know we get the right folks because they work year 'round for us. It's the rare speaker who doesn't field phone calls throughout the year from contractors who attended an NPE session, and our speakers step up and help these folks out every time. Mick Vinckier, one of NPE's premier speakers on pavement marking, has always happily fielded these types of calls, but a couple weeks back he went above and beyond his normal effort. While visiting Yellowstone National Park he happened to drive by the Jackson Hole Airport, located right at the base of the Teton Mountains, where he noticed some striping going on. So he pulled over to take a look. Turns out the director of operations was out there pushing a striper trying to restripe, partly on a curve, with the gun on the front end of the machine. So Mick ambled over and before you know it he was giving the operator a "shortened" version of his striping sessions. Before too long the director of operations called over two other employees and Mick took the three of them through the paces of how to properly and more efficiently restripe the airport, including showing them how and why to move the gun to the rear of the machine. Nearly two hours later Mick went back to vacation - but not without inviting these folks to National Pavement Expo and not without giving them a copy of Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction and urging them to subscribe. Thanks, Mick! Oh, by the way, the reason the airport director of operations was striping himself is because the only striping contactor he could find to do the work was in Cheyenne and he had priced himself out of the job.