More marketing... that doesn't cost much

At least one blog reader, a caller, and a contractor who dropped me an e-mail agree with the previous post that the way to deal with a tough economy is to increase your marketing efforts -- so I'm not alone on this! The most-common "reason" contractors give for cutting back on marketing efforts is to save money, and the first thing we need to do is get over that. Marketing is an investment in your company and your future, and when looked at that way it might be a little easier to release those dollars from a tight fist. But even if you're still hesitant to spend more marketing money, check out "Promoting your business need not be a pricey proposition," from the Chicago Tribune. The article covers 11 low-cost marketing ideas, some of which I know Pavement readers already use successfully. And once you read it, feel free to let us know what's been working for you.