I've got the music in me

No, I'm not Kiki Dee (or Elton John) but my colleague Rebecca Wasieleski's Concrete Thoughts blog got me thinking. I'm sure there aren't many (any?) songs or bands referencing sealcoating (should "Sealed With a Kiss" count?), but I started to wonder what other music-related industry references I could come up with. There's just a ton of "road" songs from "Route 66" to "Why Don't We Do It In the Road" to "Nothing But Time" so those are too easy. A pretty good band, Concrete Blonde, jumps to mind (Rebecca, how did you miss that one?) and there's a great band called Pavement (no relation to the magazine). Neil Young's "White Line" is as close as I could come to something striping related, and how about "Street Sweeper Riddim" a various artists CD I picked up years ago in Jamaica with a warning right on the cover: "Reserved for Wicked Riddums Only." Let us know if you come up with your own.