Is my driveway any closer to being sealed?

Maybe... Contractor B sent out someone to provide an estimate, and when he exited the vehicle carrying a measuring wheel I felt pretty good. The car, though, had no name, phone number, or any other business ID on it. He walked and measured the driveway (2,036 sq. ft.), then put the bid together using a pre-printed form on which he could check off services to be provided. (Unlike Contractor A the form did have the same company name and phone number as the company my wife called.) Unfortunately when he filled out the form he checked all the paving work-needed boxes (including "remove old asphalt" and "grade area") as well as all the sealcoating work-needed boxes. He also wrote and crossed out "1 year guarantee" and started to write "remove existing driveway" but crossed that out too. He told my wife those were just mistakes and that she should ignore them. Probably true...or it could be a form started at a previous paving job, but either way why not use a clean form? He did, however, indicate the driveway would be cleaned with an air broom and sealer would be applied with a "big brush." (We might give him the job just to see what that is.) He did know the sealer was going to be coal tar, but he didn't know the brand or have any literature on it. Bid: $325 -- and, at this point, in the running.